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2010 Harvest – TIME OUT!

So here we sit, more than half way through October, and I truly have no idea how to describe the current harvest other than to say that it is the strangest, wackiest, least predictable, most $$!!@@@!!! harvest on record!!!!

As of today, October 19th, all of our whites are in – Grenache Blanc from Camp 4; Gewurztraminer from the Los Alamos area; and Viognier from White Hawk Vineyard in the Cat Canyon area north of Los Alamos. The Gewurztraminer will be finished fermenting today or tomorrow; the other two are cruising along as we speak.

We have one box of reds in and fermenting – our ‘early pick’ from our 1 acre block out at White Hawy Vineyard. We’re co-fermenting this with about 4% viognier, and so far, we are very very excited about the color of the juice and the smells coming from the box!!!

That’s what we know as of now. We are still awaiting all the rest of our red grapes for the current harvest. Yep . . . . ALL of the rest of our grapes are still hanging – or, at least today, drooping . . . as they are slightly weighed down by rain water!!!!

Are we worried? Are we still going to get more red grapes in this year?!??!?! My best educated guess is that yes, we still will, and yes, all will be okay. Am I 100% confident of this fact? How can I be – Mother Nature has thrown more curve balls at us than Tim Wakefield this harvest . . . so if YOU can predict the weather precisely for the next two weeks – PLEASE DO!

We are fortunate in the fact that most of the vineyards we work with are planted primarily on sand, allowing for good water run off after rains. This should help the grapes from ‘going backwards’ – sucking up the water and ‘rehydrating’ or actually decreasing in sugar content. Our first Larner Grenache will most likely come in next week, followed by our last White Hawk Syrah pick, and then then first of our Larner Syrah picks . . . but all of this depends upon what the next week holds weatherwise.

As I’m writing this, I’m eagerly checking numerous weather websites to see what the future holds . . . and unfortunately, there is no consensus. How aggravating is that?!?! We’re even calling in a favor from one of our friends, a former weatherman in the area who now lives outside the area, to see what he can come up with . . .

So don’t be surprised when I blog next week about being up to my shoulders in grapes . . . or perhaps being without ANY grapes and waiting, and waiting, and waiting . . .


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