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A Long Pour visits tercero . . .

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Wayne Kelterer of A Long Pour a few weeks ago to talk about wine, about Parker scores, about the current harvest, and about our shared love of the Santa Barbara County area. A Long Pour has quickly become one of my favorite wine blogs to read, not solely based on the subjects of each issue, but also based on the insightful and fresh writing style Wayne brings to the table.

Our conversation was actually quite a lot of fun, as if sitting down and talking to a long lost friend . . . and I really dug that! There was no ‘forced’ answering of questions that I had to make stuff up for; no ‘fake’ answers to make things sound ‘better’ or more ‘pc’ . . . just an easy flowing stream of words and wine and laughs.

Wayne is not a professional writer, but shows a passion and insight for his subject matter that makes it appears he’s been doing this for quite some time. And the fact that he is not entrenched in the wine industry allows him to think outside the box a bit more – something I can relate to as I still see myself as a consumer first and a winemaker second.

Wayne is more interested in the ‘back label’ story of his subject, not the ins and outs of the wines produced and the scores of such wines. And for this, I thank him – as should his readers. And if you haven’t gotten my hint yet, you should run, not walk, to and check it out today!

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