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how to get a guy to want you back

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how to get a guy to want you back
Tom Petty is a great songwriter, and I think often of this one particular title – it fits my life to a ‘t’. I am very impatient in general and have had to ‘learn’ patience over the past decade – first by becoming a father to three young children (!) and then by working in an industry where it takes quite a long time in the product cycle from conception to release . . .

Christie and I are soooooooo happy to finally be able to share these with you and are excited for you to try them and let us

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know what you think. At this point, though, let’s recap a bit to get everyone up to speed . . .

Larry, bored with the publishing industry, is pondering a new career. Christie, the uber-supporter, suggests the wine industry . . . and not sales, but actually going into winemaking! Larry, aghast at the concept of taking a bunch of science classes(!), continues to suggest ‘sales’, something he’s familiar with and done in the past. Christie stays firm . . . and Larry is off to a local junior college to begin the long process of taking pre-requisites to get into the Masters program in Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis. Fast forward two years (and many ‘A’s later to the astonishment of Larry) and he’s off to UC Davis, commuting each week between Orange County and Sacramento while Christie is at home with their three young children! Yep, she’s a saint . . . . .Two years later, and many many many miles later, and Christie and Larry are off to Santa Barbara County to begin phase ? of their lives.

tercero wines has many people to thank at this time, but we’ll keep the list short for now: Christie, without whom Larry never would have gotten here: our kids, without whom our lives would not be nearly as complete and rewarding; our parents, who between Christie and Larry, have over 100 years of married life together and set great examples for all who meet them; the rest of our families, whose support over the years has allowed us to get where we are; our nephew Jimmy, who took Christie’s concept for a label and made something quite special out of it; and on and on and on.

And now we have our own wines to offer and share with you. We can’t wait to get them into your hands and hear back from you . . . Did you like them? What did you think of the packaging? Will you tell your friends about them? PLEASE spend the time to stay in touch, and we will promise to do the same.


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