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Lucky Guy . . .

I’ve always been of the belief that you should love what you do for a living . . .or make some changes in your life. It’s a pretty simplistic concept, but one that I’ve always felt was worth living by.

I’ve got to tell you – I absolutely love what I do. Period. End of story. I come into work everyday as happy as can be – and feel privileged to do so. I’m fortunate to drive to work every day during harvest over a two lane road that runs through farm land – and offers not only terrific sunrise pictures each morning, but offers glimpses of coyotes, bobcats, cows and calves, horses and foils, and all other kinds of views as well. Absolutely stunning!

I get to work and am psyched to start my day. For example, I came in to work yesterday, my ‘off day’ at Fess Parker, to take care of some of our tercero fruit that came in on Saturday – syrah and greanche from Larner Vineyards in Los Olivos. The fruit was in impeccable shape upon arrival – great color and flavor, no raisins, no leaves – very little to do on the sorting table.

I decided to split the 2 tons of Grenache into 2 separate fermentation bins – with one, I destemmed the berries but left them mostly whole, choosing not to crush many of them. With the other bin, I decided to go 100% whole cluster – I did not destem any of the berries. I’m excited to be able to compare and contrast these two different bins and keep them separate hopefully for their entire ‘lives’, possibly blending them together at the last moment before bottling . . .or possibly creating two separate finished wines altogether.

One of the challenges with the whole cluster bin is that there was literally no juice in the box after all the clusters were dumped in – no berries had really broken and therefore it was necessary to do so. With a normal bin, I would simply stand on top of the bin and ‘punch it down’ with a metal punch down tool. But with whole clusters, this simply does not work – you cannot move beyond the very top.

Therefore, it’s necessary to go ‘I Love Lucy’ on the bin and get in and foot stomp. It is certainly tougher than it may seem – but it is very, very fun as well! I did this for about 30 minutes on Saturday afternoon before leaving work and then again for another 30 minutes or so yesterday . . .at 7 am on a Sunday. And guess what – I loved it! I was tired, it was my ‘day off’, but it was necessary to do this . . .and it was so cool to do so!

Now it’s early Monday morning and I have to get a few hours of sleep before going in and getting back to work . . .and I can’t wait! I hope all of you feel this way about what you do as well!!!!


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